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One will get you there.
One might leave you there



Land Rover Genuine Parts

Land Rover vehicles have withstood not just the test of time; they withstand whatever is thrown at them, on-road or off-road. Robust, stylish, and durable in extremes, your Land Rover has never been just a vehicle – it’s always been something much more; a vehicle with which its drivers have a strong relationship. And that relationship is made even stronger with the use of Land Rover Genuine Parts.

Interior and Exterior. Exceptionally Well Engineered Parts

The demands of the open road and un-surfaced terrain are all taken in a Land Rover’s stride – and all of these conditions equally demand that Genuine Parts meet standards of engineering precision that are unequalled. Accuracy in fitting, and an assured performance all lie at the heart of every component available from Land Rover – it’s part of that same commitment that created Land Rover in the first place.

Tested to Be Tough – Designed to Endure

With a vehicle designed to be tough, only parts that are rigorously tested achieve the high performance standards expected by Land Rover engineers. To assure durability and longevity every component is put through the most demanding tests. From micron tolerances, to X-ray examination of alloy wheels, from exhausts designed to tolerate temperatures in excess of 700 degrees, every Land Rover Genuine Part must endure the most intense scrutiny before it can be approved as a component worthy of your Land Rover.


Going the distance. On the road; that’s where any similarities with generic parts end and the reassurance of dependability begins. Because choosing original and authentic parts that do not compromise on quality means accepting no substitute. After all, everyone wants to get there, but no one wants to be left there.

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