The Capurro motoring heritage dates back to the 1920s, and even today we continue to enjoy relationships with our current manufactures that date as far back as 1948.

During that time we have grown and evolved as the needs of our customers and the world in which we operate have changed. We are quietly proud of our heritage and the manufacturer’s we represent, fiercely proud of our commitment to Gibraltar and its people and rightly proud of the steps we’ve taken to establish the company at an international, as well as local, level.

The company was first established in 1876 with the initial purpose of supplying coal to steam powered ships, which later expanded into shipping and insurance.

Motoring activity began in the early 1920s- as importers for the Ford Motor Company – supplying Ford trucks to many of our neighbouring markets.

We became Importers for Champion spark plugs and Good Year tyres – it is a little known fact that we were the first European Importer for Goodyear.

During WWII the company was very active in supply to UK & US forces in North Africa & allied bases in the Western Mediterranean, included American Express services.

In the mid 1930’s the company began its long-term relationships with Morris, Austin, Triumph, Jaguar (the then British Leyland), Austin Rover, etc.

In 1948 the Rover company launched the Land Rover Series- this was the first use of the Land Rover name and the very same year that Capurro became franchised Land Rover representatives for Gibraltar – thereby making us the oldest independently–owned Land Rover Importer in Europe.

In 2011 Capurro also officially became Importers of the full Jaguar Land Rover company.

Since then we have continued to expand and specialise in providing Diplomatic, Tourist and Tax-Free vehicles throughout the European Union.

Our aim has always been to offer a refreshingly personal and innovative approach towards customer service and our unique online portal is an example of this.

In 2015 our vision to be Jaguar Land Rover’s most admired partner in the Tourist and Tax-Free Sales sector was confirmed by our appointment as Diplomatic supplier to the International Community. We were also proud to be endorsed by Stephen Morton the Managing Director European Importer Region for Jaguar Land Rover.