The fourth Range Rover and the first vehicle of its kind, Velar - like its forebears - is another pioneer, exploring the frontier for luxury SUVs.


Over the last decade, the transformation of the Land Rover brand has been truly remarkable. This unprecedented change has been characterised by the introduction of an exciting new range of SUVs, each one showcasing a unique combination of design excellence and engineering integrity. 


Make no mistake, this transformation will continue and the next chapter in this incredible story starts here with the Range Rover Velar. Derived from the Latin word Velare meaning 'to cover' or 'veil', Velar is a direct reference to the code name used on the original, pre-production Range Rovers of the late 1960s. 


Desgined to fill the white space between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, Velar brings unprecedent glamour, modernity and elegance to the Range Rover family. A vehicle that has emotionally charged DNA and unquestionable pedigree it's the first of its kind.




The mark of exceptional design is its ceaseless legacy to inspire and shape new products, rendering them familiar yet simultaneously transformational.


Velar, the fourth member of the Range Rover family, is an instantly recognisable descendant of the original luxury SUV – a globally lauded, landmark industrial design. Yet Velar’s form, stance and proportions leave an overwhelming impression of the unfamiliar, of the new. The start of another revolution.


Velar is a distinct and further iteration of the original Range Rover character, conceived to play a powerful new role in the evolving Range Rover narrative, sitting between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. Its stop-you-in-your-tracks looks are born from a process driven by ‘reductionism’, a discipline faithful to the original Range Rover but enabled by the very latest thinking in design, precision engineering and technology.


In the words of Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover: “Velar brings unprecedented glamour, modernity and elegance to the Range Rover family. It’s a vehicle that has emotionally charged DNA and unquestionable pedigree.


A new type of Range Rover for a new type of customer.”


Velar is an SUV that exudes a sense of precision, craft and quality. With fast and flush glass, delicate and beautifully slim illumination and features – inside and out – rendered invisible until required, Velar belongs in the precision-led design world of 21st century technology.


Yet its unmistakable fidelity to the idea that gave birth to the original Range Rover – the idea that what use is groundbreaking technology and engineering if it does not expand and enhance its customer’s engagement with the world – loans it an indisputable sense of purpose. 


Velar takes its name from the prototypes of the first Range Rover, the first vehicle to take luxury and technology into unexplored territory – literally. Velar, with its dramatically different approach to luxury and technology builds on that idea, expanding – once again – our understanding of the notion of a luxury SUV.

“Velar is now the compelling, stand-out design in the class, showcasing perfectly optimised volume, powerful, taut surfaces and a stunning silhouette,” says McGovern.

The light, stiff, aluminium-intensive body, together with pioneering suspension technologies, provide the perfect basis for refined progress on all terrains



Every inch of Velar has been stripped back to be as clean and elegant as possible – and nowhere is this better illustrated than the flush-fitting door handles and the rear LED light clusters